SaltSi reduces sodium intake without giving up salt.

One serving of SaltSi has about 75% less sodium than one serving of table salt and is rich in antioxidants.

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About SaltSi™

About SaltSi™

SaltSi™ contains infused olive leaves with whole salt, obtained from Halite collected in ancient caves deep hundreds of meters below the level of the Mediterranean sea. Halite is a mineral known in ancient times as Salt Stone, which originated from the disappearance of a primordial and pristine sea 6,000,000 years ago. This whole salt preserves its extraordinary purity because it has remained protected from pollution in the womb of the earth for millennia and is not exposed to atmospheric agents such as in open-air salt pans.

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Thanks to SaltSi, I can have more flavor in my food again without worrying about my high blood pressure from adding too much salt in my diet. I also love the even distribution of salt with the spray. While you’ll smell the olive aroma when you spray it in your food, the scent doesn’t linger, It’s great on vegetables, eggs, fish, meats and soups.

Lynda Lee

SaltSi is a great product especially for folks like myself with heart related issues. My cardiologist was very pleased to see that this product is out there for those watching sodium intake. My husband and I use just a spray or two on our food when we need a kick of flavor. I even use it the cooking my favorite recipes! It doesn’t take much. We love it and we are very happy to have this healthier choice. Definitely will be buying more SaltSi in the future!

Jane D.