SaltSi™ – Mediterranean Herb & Spice


Award Finalist: Gulfood Dubai 2019 | CIBUS 2018

SaltSi™ is an innovative all-purpose organic olive leaf infusion salt seasoning spray. 1 spray is usually enough to season a dish and each bottle contains 750 sprays.  Each spray costs only 2 cents!



Try the difference

If you add salt in an uneven and uniform way, you risk using too much, while with SaltSi™ you can easily control how much product to use, because every spray is always the same and the distribution on the food perfectly homogeneous.

SaltSi™ organic olive leaf infusion salt seasoning spray changes how you season your food!

It delivers a uniform salty fine mist on all your dishes, including eggs, meat, fish, rice, pasta vegetables, potatoes and popcorn….the possibilities are endless!  It’s fat free and easy to use and mixes better on food than table salt.

Certified organic and vegan

If you choose a vegetarian or vegan diet, SaltSi™ is a certified product, without any ingredient of animal origin.


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs