The doctor said I had to reduce my daily sodium intake which was coming from salt in my food. So, I now buy salt free turkey, salt free potato chips and reduced sodium soups and spray them with SaltSi to my desired level of saltiness. I get the flavor of salt I desire, and only a fraction of the sodium. My taste buds are happy, and my doctor is pleased with the results. ~ Joe M.

I really like spraying SaltSi classic on my steamed spinach. It takes it up a notch in the flavor category and I like the even distribution which is easily achieved with one quick spray. SaltSi has replaced table salt in my house. ~ Siena S.

In 2007, my dad had an aortic dissection. After his recovery from surgery, my family and I learned about the burdens that an excessive amount of sodium can place on the heart, kidneys, liver and bones. Being from an Italian family, all eating is a celebrated event! So, I went to work looking for a product that could give us the salty flavor we wanted in our foods while reducing our sodium intake. And with that goal in mind, I discovered SaltSi at New York City’s 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show. I really like the Mediterranean Herb & Spice on my Caprese salad and pasta dishes….my guests can’t figure out what my “secret” ingredient is! ~ Diana S.